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– LW #388 Walking Shoes Tanya Tucker 1990 | Peak: #3 She seems a little sad about it, but she’s had enough of being taken for granted and is gearing up to walk right on out of her underappreciating lover’s life.– LW #387 Big Deal Le Ann Rimes 1999 | Peak: #6 A sassy little number that finds a regretful Rimes lashing out at the girl who nabbed her old boyfriend. – TS #386 That’s My Story Collin Raye 1993 | Peak: #6 What do you think – the grooviest song about a guy trying to craft an alibi out of a backyard hammock ever?She ends up a high school dropout working at a movie theater.In short, how those fantasy Taylor Swift videos would end in the real world.

For many of us, it was the nineties when we discovered and fell in love with country music, and it’s the music and artists from that decade that represent the pinnacle of the genre.

And to you I offer Twain’s deliciously audacious, merciless warning: if you’re not in it for love, we’re outta here.

– TS #393 Jenny Come Back Helen Darling 1995 | Peak: #69 Darling recalls watching a high school friend sacrifice her intelligence and ambition to please the boy she loves, who outgrows her in the end because she has nothing of her own to offer him.

“Tell yourself ‘I love you and I don’t want you to go'” sounds light and cutesy on the surface, but it’s those little notes – and not grandiose gestures of unusual passion – that keep a relationship chugging along for the long haul.

– DM #389 Still in Love With You Travis Tritt 1997 | Peak: #23 With conspicuous steel guitar work, this minor hit for Tritt is a straight up country romper by today’s standards.

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When the four writers of this feature got together and combined our favorite singles from the decade, it was clear that this retrospective had to run far deeper than the one we recently completed for the first decade of the 21st century.

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