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Recognizing my failures from previous relationships, I wanted to give this relationship the best chance possible.

For a long time, I sought an impassioned, novel, and manic kind of love that I now recognize as unsustainable and exhausting.

A relationship agreement seemed like the antithesis of romance.

In true love, I thought, soul mates—two people who experience a connection so powerful that it’s almost divine—would be so in sync that words would hardly need to be spoken.

To distill love into a businesslike transaction and a set of do’s and don’ts? I began to recognize the gradual fade of fiery passion in the early days of a relationship, replaced by a sort of complacent companionship a few years in, where I would find myself disproportionately upset about socks left on the floor and remnants of beard shavings around the sink.

I think relationship agreements are more effective when birthed at a time when things are stable in your relationship.

After all, the agreement isn’t a Band-Aid solution for problems; instead, it shines a light on things that may go awry in the and I didn’t need a relationship agreement, but it was a nice-to-have.

I thought about how, over time, I’d slowly come to resent one of my ex-partners for not appreciating the “emotional labor” burden I was carrying in the relationship.

How each of my significant others had grown to be more like a roommate, brother, or best friend, rather than someone I desired in a sexual way.

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