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(Alas, you won’t get to see Beaker talk wife-swapping with Fozzie: rights to the original Muppets have been sold to Disney, but all the new puppets have that Henson look and feel.) The show was created by Brian Henson, 47-year-old son of legendary Muppet patriarch Jim.

We talked to Brian about the perils and fun of unscripted puppetry, the new Muppet movie, and his big plans for a “balls-out” puppet detective movie. It was initially just a workshop more than three years ago to sharpen our puppeteers’ comic ad-libbing skills; we had lost some of the zaniness that had been such a part of the company.

knows how important it is to be in contact with others in the same position as you.

Finally there are answers as to why these adults were considered impulsive, indecisive, easily distracted and unable to focus or sit still.

At last this population knows that there is a genuine medical reason for a great deal of the difficulties they have always faced each day.

If you have either struggled with ADHD or ADD as a child and are now an adult, have recently been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, are raising a child with the disorder, or just love someone with ADHD or ADD, this page on is the right place for you.

We encourage you to join this community which consists of an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Peer Support Chat Room, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder peer support forums and an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder peer support social network for you to reach out to others in the same situation; we encourage you to meet, greet, share and support with others around the world.

Each Second Life destination has a maturity rating of General, Moderate, or Adult.

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There are many treatments for the symptoms of ADHD and ADD, such as medications like Ritalin, however, these treatments do not support the parent caring for the child with this type of disorder, or even the spouse who is supporting their loved one with one of these disorders.

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