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Bonet-Maury, of Paris, has shown in the revision of this work, and the practical help which he has so often given to me. Vocal teaching in thes^ matters is not always available; and as it makes all the difference to the foreigner who has occasion to use a word, whether he is able to pro- nounce it so as to be understood, or wliether by mispronunciation he renders it impossible for the person to whom he speaks even to guess what he moans, the phonetic guidance given in these pages will often prove of value. Lead, and Tear, for instance, how can a Frenchman who is lieginning to learn the language tell what sound the ea may i-epresent when even an Englishman can by no possibility say on looking at Lead and Tear, whether they rhyme with ""de Hd" and "near," or "deed" and 'fair," unless he flrst ascertains whether they individually stand for Lead (the metal) or Lead (guidance) : or Tear (a rent in a fubric) or Tear, a tear-drop '.' On the other hand, it becomes impossible for a Frenchman to mistake in pronouncing either of these words when be finds given along with them, in brackets, tliu phonetic signs — line, ber, bite, ledd, lide, taire. sezor a in Salt as o in Sort : he will utter either of these words correctly enough. Ul ' INDICATIVE CONDITION SUBJUNCTI IMPERATIV :£ I .f 6 I ^ 2 ^ a S«i I- o S' = .«• o S =■ I 5 S-fa conseiller : donner =g avis : prevenir [strongly ) engager Ivn.) ,g deliberer | Be ed by me and ..., Je vous engage de ... ESTHET'ICS [& .3^ : time : time of life | a la fletir de : r , In the prime of life | D'un certain , No longer young | En de, Of an age to [ En bas , In infancy : of tender years | Entre deux s, Of middle age | Hors d' , Over age I Au moyen , In the middle ages (pi] ... Before ...'stime : prematurely | ^ Quel avez-vous ? to kneel (devant, before] AQENOUILL-OIR hassock AQENT--. ASP PRANg AIS-ANGLAIS ASS ASPIRANT* -E aspirant : candidate (a, for] _ ] de marine, Midshipman | Pompe e. if 'erous [au corame o dans sort] AURIFICATION" gold-stopping [of tooth] Aurifier' va. | Voile , Shoulder-of-mutton AUROCHS [_6-r6ks\ _ Lsail AURORE dawn : light | horeale, Aurora AUSCULTATION- _ [borealis Ausculter' va. decourageant DIS'COURSE [kor} discours : entretien : traite Discouf'se vn. impoli : incivil DISCOUR'TESY [o] incivilite : impolitease Discov'er [ke-ve-r'] v. DISCOVERY decmwerte DISCRED'IT discredit : deshonneur va. discuter : debattre DISCUSS'ION [fce-c/te-nw] _: debat : examen /DISDAIN' dedain [va.) dedaigner ^Disdain'ful a. descendre [va.) demonter DISOBE'DIENCE d^obiissance (to, a] Disobe'dient a.

And if I wish further to remind myself of the fact that no individual wisdom is sufficient for a task needing the combined intelligence of many brains. To take the combination e a in the English words Bean. Tlie sound of the English terminal BOip UI •S o 5-^ 3 C [7] I. B _ 03^ I _ d AFFAIRES" solicitor : lawver | _ de CHANGE stockbroker | _ de POUCE policeman ange [a.) d'A : angelique AN'GER [agn-guetirj colere : courroux va. en colere : irriter [60] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. Etre endormi : dormir 1 ' To fall , S'endormir Aslo'pe ad. Suction- pump fexhauster ASPIRATEUR fan : ventilator [mac U. upon | S' , To attract each other : to obtain | S' Hne mauvaise affaire, To get into hot water Aftiser" va. timde'] AT-TOUCHEMENT- touch : feeling Aftractif-iw a. | Se faire , To ' get dropped on ' AT'TRAPEUR deceiver : hunter (de, after] [jeu) Aflrayanf -e a. toattrib'ute : to attach : to allot S' , To claim for o's AT'TRIBUT" _bute [a«f-ri-6io Mte] symbol Aftrlbutif -ive a. to auscultate AUSPICE _s (pi] [au comme o dans sorf] Aussl ad. also : too : likewise : so : accordingly : but then : and : therefore | riche que, As rich as | Pas riche que, Not so rich as | bien que. | J'aimerais , I would as soon | qu'il est en moi, As far as I am able I de pris sur I'ennemi. _teria] BACTERIOLOOIE _gy ENGLISH-FRENCH BAP B [bi\ B [bay\ [pencil) tendre et noir B. bachelier-es-Je Ures Wai | To take one's , Etre repu au baccalaureat baume : Bal'tic TIM'BER bois du nord [balsamine Bamboo'zle va. maudire : interdire BAN [6an»i] | BANS ban : bans de mariage BANA'NA banane [tree) bananier BAN'CO monnaie de bangtie /'BAND bande : lien : raie : ruban [ of music) miisique : orchestre [va.) bander I [vn.) se liguer \ Elastic , Elastique | of I HOPE, Sociele juvenite de temperance : la ' 'Li0ie de I'Espoir' | -BRAKE frein a ruban ■§ -MASTER chef de musigue § -SAW scie a ruban = -STAND kiosque I BANOS'MAN [pi. [va.) rosser | To the door, Fermer la porte bruyamment] To 'go at it,' Y aller carrement BAN'GLE bracelet indien : porte-bonheur s Ban'ish va. decouvrir fefl [that, que) trouver | itself, Mb montrer.: se declarer a! dedaigneux [-lly,-eusement] -DISEA'SE [ztze] maladie \ The remedy is worse than the , Le remede est pire que le V mal I U a. debarquer DISEMBARK'MENT debarquement Disembod'ie'd a.

conjonction : conjuguer : plais liar plaisanterie : in fun conjugaisoii poet poetiquemeut const constrt Ktion : building polit politique ' pop populaire "^ cuts cuisine : cookery t eye cycle : cycling pp. feminin : feminine prep, preposition fain style familier pret. pronom : pronoun fort fortification sculp sculpture fr francais : French se pr. The initiator and inspirer of this work, John Bellows, has not lived to see its publication. c] dispersion : prolixite DIFFU'SION ifioiije-nnl _ : propagation Diffu'sive a. ffft] [■§ desempare [X) hors de combat _ SOL'DIER, invalide Disabu'se Idiss-e-hiouzel va. mal dispose (towards, pour] DISAFFECTION des— (towards, pour] Disagree' vn. DISPEN'SER dispensateur -(rice fpharmacien DISPEN'SING dispensation \ _ CHEMIST Disper'se [ peurce'] v. disseminer : repandre DISSEM'INATOR [nete-r} propagateur DISSENT' dissentiment [opposed to church) dissidence Ivn.) differer (from, de] DISSENT'ER dissident -e DISSEN'TIENT [_che-nntt'i [eak. [dirt) tacher A'encre [typ) toucher INK'ER [roller] toucheur : rou Ieau-T IN'KLING avis : vent finversable INK'STAND encrier : ecritoire \ Safety _, E Ink'y a. [le)plus recule: [le) plus intime INN'INGS (pi] tour (sing] A point (S') means silent, or ON' LL" L* liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. without occupation : at leisure [lieu) unoccupied IN-OCTAVO [pi. insolerament INSOL'VENCY insolvabilite : faillite INSOL'VENT failli [a.) insolvable : en faillite | To become , Faire faillite Insomuch' conj. inspirer : animer (with, de] To — AB with courage, Inspirer du C a A B Inspir'lt va. installer INSTAL'MENT installation [com) acompte : paiement a compte [bankruptcy) dividende | By — S. plein de jus : juteux Ls"c A point (S*) means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison.

partioipe passe ; past dr droit : law participle ilectr electrieite : electricity se prononce gen genie : engineering sing singulier : singular »e'03 geographic subj. But at his death in 1902 he left behind him something of greater value even than the manu- script upon which he loved to labour ; for in the memory of his life and work lay just that inspiration to continue to the end, which has so often been the needed mainstay of the reviser. [Beau becomes Bel before a noun beginning with vowel or silent h : Bel homme. qui se repand [style) abondant DIG coup (de coude, etc.] Dig va. desabuser (of, de] DISADVASN'TAGE desavantage : perte | To la- bour under a , Avoir le D de ... ditferer:etreendesaccord(avec] [to quarrel) se brouiller | Eggs with me, Les oeufs ne me conviennent pas | able a. to be discordant OISCOUREUR -EUSE great talker Wiscourir vn. Discourir] L"nit'=Si: prudence | a_, At D: just as [ou as much as] one likes [manger, boire) 'ad libitum' [X) unconditionally | a la de. de loi) de- bate [dr) distraint | Mettre en , To discuss Discutablo a open todiscussion : debatable Discuter' va. Si, je parle | He certainly did' go, II est bien parti | I ' believe he is a thief! | I ' hope, J'espere bien que D By way of apology, admission, or contrast | I ' go to his house, but only on business, En effet, je vais chez lui, mais seulement pour affaires \ I did' live in Paris, but I have re- o moved, II est vrai, je demeurais a Paris, mais '^j'ai demenage E In urging or entreating : often rendered in French by Done, Prier, or Voyons | speak to me ! _] octavo [/ei'o] ['8vo'] INOCULATION ■ _ [innok-yoit-leche-nnl Inoculer" va. ino'dorous [inn-o-de-re-ss] Cabinet , Water-closet Inoffensif -ive a. Par ver.sements partiels INS'TANCE [s(e-nnce] regiiete : demande : cas : circonstance Iv.) citer comme exemple | For , Par exemple | In the first , D'abord | In this , Dans cecas IN'STANT Unn'ste-nntf] _ [«.) immediat : pressant | The 31st , Le 31 courant Instanta'neous [ten-ye-ss'] a. Table 51) to instruct : to teach : j to tell [dresser) to train [contre) to examine . Faites filer leseeoutes du foe I Flying , Clin-foc | Standing , Grand foe | _ o' Faux foe | -BOOM bout- dehors de foe | Flynig - , Bout-hors de clin-foc I -STAY draille A point (S') means silent, or QN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison.

IV.— THE MANNER OF ARRANGING THE VERB CONJUGATIONS: AND THE REFERENCE BY NUMBER TO SUCH CONJUGATIONS FROM THE TEXT OF THE DICTIONARY. [fig) to subdue Sd OMPTEUR tamer [fig) subduer DON" gift : present | Le de plaire, A way [fam. To commit suicide | 'S'en ,' To give o's up to : to have one's fill of it : to ' go in for it ' DON-NEUR -EUSR giver icartes) dealer Donf pron. with, from, by wliom : among whom is (ou are] [chose) which : of, in, with, among, from, ou by which DONZELLE wench Qs. Un enfant gentil a croquer | -SHOOT- c ING la chasse au canard | -WEED lentille ■i dealt I To play _S and DRAKES, Faire |x] des ricochets I Duck V. [heavy) lourd [wearisome) assom- mant [colour) terne [fire) triste [edge blunt) emousse [sound) sourd [com) calme : plat : mort I _of HEARING, Dure d'orei He | -^ I feel , Je m'ennuie pg Dull V. [216] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic. twelfthly DUPE [u as «] _ : ' gull ' | Etre la _ de, To be ■ taken in ' by | Duper' va. (Table 44-) to elect : to choose ELISION" — ELITE ' ' ides pers'] choice : pick : best | D' Best : choicest : very finest [regiment) ' crack ' [soldats) picked I^LIXIR I de longtie vie. [sujet) she \ph.ose) it [regime) her : it : herself : itself | s, [pi] They [regime) them : themselves | -meme. s- s) themselves ELL^BORE hellebore ELLIPSE [seom) Igrani) ellipsis EUiptiqire a. [de,from] distant : far away : out of the way : averse : disinclined (de, to] — de son compte. to smoke: to S out : to fill (a room) with S ENFUMOIR smoker (for bees] Engageant' -€ a. guilloche | -TURNING guillochis j Beam_,3fabalan- s cier j Fire- Pompe a incendie | Fire- '? d [i Mi'-bridd'i mongrel I HYDRAULIQUE —ics (pi] ■g H'ydraulique a. JOU PRANg AIS- ANGLAIS JUG JOUR day : light : daylight : opening : means IV. | Dans un mauvais , In a poor light [fig) in a bad humour | Dans les premiers [or derniers] s de, In the early [on latter] part of I D a dit un , C D once said ... _1 Idjov-ye-tl [-menf -Uy] J^OFIAi JTB gaiety | JOY AU jewel Joyeux" -ettse a. to jiercli (sur, on] Lther' JUGHOIR roosting-place Juda'ique a. to judaize JUDAt SME ieece-ni\ Judaism JUDAS' peep-hole JUDIOATUM SOLVI security required from foreigners suing Frenclimen in Fr. K'nelt] 'S s'agenouiller : se niettre a genoux ing a. again, Reconnaitre | C D ought to have — n better, C D n'aurait pas d Q le faire | Everybody s, Personne n'ignore | If it gets — n. Un coup de feu I Ata _ Dans un cas pressant : au moment critique | To give him a Le pousser | He's got plenty of in him [ou.

III.— THE ARRANGEMENT OF BOTH THE FRENCH-ENGLISH AND ENGLISH-FRENCH DIVISIONS CONCURRENTLY ON THE SAME PAGE. o dans sorf] DONA donna DONATAIRE [* f.] beneficiary : donee DONATEUR-TRICJS donor : giver DONATION- — : gift [F. c at beginning or end of sentence, and before vowel] conj. : to get : to set up (pour, for] to take : to occur [bataille) to be fought | Se des airs, To give o'self airs | Se la inort. He is gone to sleep : he is asleep | Ne _ que d'un oeil. sur 30 1 DUCK canard: cane [canvas) toile a voiie [dip) „ plongeon | of a a ravir | A of a ■« child ! Faire le plongeon o DUCK'BILL PLAT'YPUS ornithorynque q DUCK'ING plongeon [, [com] I ]fichoir I When , a I'^cheance Vd UET' [diou-e W\ duo 'DUFF'ER' [de-fe-r1 imbecile :'savetier' Dug pret. Dig] -OUT abri (de tranehie'] DUKE [dtoufce] due | _DOM [de-tn] duche DUL'CIMER tympanon ^Du U a. to eliminate ELINGU'E sling | k pattes, Can-hook Elire va. to bind up : to stack ENGIN" engine : machine : gear : trap _S- de PECHE (pi] fishing-tackle Englobef va. benumbed : dull : torpid ENGOURDISSEMENT" numbness : torpor ENGRAIS" manure : grass : pasture : fatten- ing i _SSEMENT" fattening Engraisser" va. & s" t T.) to get fat : to thrive ENGRAVEMENT" stranding fstranded Engi"aver' t'. de} j'ai un rendez-vous | Naval Combat naval 1 RING bagiie de fian(ailles Enga'ging [gliedjel a. engendrer : faire naitre (^EN'GINE machine [«3l) locotnotive [fig) in- strument 1 -DRIVER, -MAN mecanicien I -ROOM chambre des tnachines | -SHED [i SL] depot des M's | -lurne'd a. a basse pression \ Marine M nuirine | Portable [agr] Lo- comobile I High-speed M a grande vitesse \ Rose Tour" a rosettes \ Stationary M f Uce I Ten horse M de dix chevaux | Donkey Petit cheval ENGINEE'R ienn'-je-nire'] ingenieur [manufac- turing _) constructeur-mecanicien [fitter, en- gine-driver) mecanicien [Xk)officierdu genie S (pi] genie : soldats du genie | ' strike, Greve des mecaniciens | 'S TOOLS ma- c/ii«es-outils [232] Prepositions used before nouns and participles, Roman type ; before verbs, Italic- Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. HUR FRANg AIS-ANGLAIS HYS asp HURLEMENT" howling : yelling : howl : yell asp Hurler' vn. to yell asp HURLEUR howler [a.) howling HURLUBERLU madcap asp HUSSARD" hussar B34 asp HVTTE hut : shed | _ de Sots' Log-hut f HYACINTHE lee-a-sant] _th H'ybride a. Words common to both languages are given in the French division only. to tilt : to fight : to dispute [de inarclie) to race JOUTEUR antagonist : adversary : cliampion JOVVENCE [en as a»i] youth JOUVENCEAU youth | ^CELLE damsel Jovial -e a. PURVEY'OR [ve-eiir'i fournisseur (to, de] PUSH coup : effort | A of work.

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1 •.■ Wh ftre s word it almost Identical In the two languages, It is given in tlils list in French only, to save repetition. ■ ' argot : slang surgery astr astronomie met metal : metallurgy auto automobile : motor-car min niineralogie : mines bias blason : heraldry wilts ))uist7iie : music hot botaniqtte : botany on pr. The present volume is but the logical development of that work — reproducing its leading features, in more extended form, for the benefit of those who stay at home; and aiming to be as useful in the class-room, the office or the library, as its little forerunner has shown itself in the field of travel. rendre incapable : 'disqualifier' DISQUI'ET inqttietttde Iva.) inquieter DISQUISI'TION [zicfte-nn] examen (de, on] DIS'KEGAR'D insmiciance (for, pour] va. I To be of, Negliger DISREL'ISH degofit (for, pour] Disrep'utable [fe-ie-i]a.deshonorant [person) de mauvaise reputation | To fall into DIS- REPU'TE. infecter (with, de] INFECTION linn-fek'-c M-nn] _ : contagion Infec'tious [c7te-ss] a. par contagion NESS contagion : caractere contagieux A point (S*) means silent, or GN' LL' L' liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. to creep in : to meddle, interfere Ingouvernable a. a tort IN'JURY linn-dje-re'] raal : tort : prejudice : atteinte [med) lesion [damage) dommage [■$) avaries (pi] To inflict on. Order to produce the proofs in writing | Juge d' , Examining magistrate INS in se pr. STOCK] JOBB'ERV tripotage : nianaettvres ind^icates JOBB'ING ouvrage a la tache [print) ouvrage de f i«e | STOCK- _, agiotage -HAND [typ] homme en co»i«ci«wce JOCKEY _ I Horse-—, Maquignon Joco'se [dje-kocej a. coudoyer | JOT iota : brin JOTT'INGS [pi] notes : retnarqties JOUR'NAL [lyeur'ne-f] [tech) tourillon ('JOUR'NEY voyage [distance) trajet [vn.) •I voyager | On a En V | On the , En ^s route I With liberty to break the , Avec I faculte d'arret (at, a, dans] One's 'S END, ;§ Sa destination \ -WORK journee T JOUR'NEYMAN [pi. JUDG'MENT jugement : sentence : opinion JU'DICATURE cour de justice -.justice Judl'cial a. _s] _ D3^ Idjo H-re'i Banc du _, Jury-box j Chef du Foreman of the J ! Law, & Palais] [ia _ de PAIX' in France decides debts not above 300 francs. [the I week, ou month] Dans les premiers [or der- ,^ niers] jours de | Of the one , the other , s. [from, with , de) separer : se s [witli, de) ^ se defaire [into, en) partager [cable) rompre 'S [company) fausser cotnpa^ie | ^vith, se I defaire de : se separer de | My reason for _ing V with him is .... purpurin A point (S") means silent, or ON" LL" L" liquid ; two points (S") no liaison. Queda en cada uno de nosotros ser usuarios responsables y sensibles respecto a la información que vemos y compartimos.¡Y POR FAVOR, SI VAS A PUBLICAR O COMENTAR, NADA DE FALTAS DE ORTOGRAFÍA!uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies.

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