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The French had the best reweaving techniques and the best tapestry re-weavers of the world in the 1500s. The sample that was sent to the 3 carbon dating labs (that dated it somewhere between 1238 AD and 1430 AD), from left to right, it gets more and more cotton.

Which is why the date kept getting more and more younger.

The space and the tufts of the cotton were closer and tighter on the left side than they were on the right side of the piece, where the cotton was more scraggly and beat up.

The “alleyways” between the cotton on the left side were skinnier as opposed to the right side where they were thicker, bigger, and wider. She developed a theory that what was actually sent for carbon dating was from a medieval patch job, part 100% cotton mixed with linen that was from before the date proposed by the carbon dating.

THE 2005 CONCLUSIONS Shroud enthusiasm is restored. 2014: WHERE THE DATA STANDS Best guess according to science 2005-2014, with the knowledge of physics, the knowledge of chemistry, the knowledge of photographic principles, of how the image got on the Shroud.

Then Raymond Rogers, the original chemist from Los Alamos who studied the Shroud back in 1978 with the American team, did a study from 2001 to 2005.

The next issue is that when the image is made, it has to be photographically clear like a real person.

The image has to be made by the photographically plate not wrapping him tight.

The second part, The Physical Science study, can be read here.

The third part, Biblical Accounts Corroborated by the Shroud, can be read here. Wayne Phillips (posted below) as the basis of my notes.

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International protocol recommends 6 sample sites for carbon dating.

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