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Microsoft has steadily been improving Edge’s capabilities in Windows 10, bringing it up to scratch as a serious competitor to Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera in terms of capabilities and features.Now, in the last build of Windows 10, Microsoft has taken another step to making web-apps feel like native apps on the Windows 10 platform.

Since the file typically retains the same filename, the browser has no way of knowing it has been updated.Once you’ve selected them all, go to Edit If you need to refresh/fetch the favicon for a single favorite/bookmark, select only that one in the app, right-click it, and select Refresh Icon from the context menu.Unfortunately, because this is Edge, the favicon may not refresh which means you will need to manually set it.I changed file and restarted the elm-app, but in Internet Explorer 11 the original Elm icon is still displayed.I tried to adding to the file and it still doesn't update the favicon. I have deleted the browser history and refreshed the page and it still doesn't refresh the

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