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The detectives set out to find their client's missing son, but find out that he is a contract killer.Unbeknownst to them, their client (Pat Corley) is also a hired killer and they are caught in the middle as the two men meet for a shoot-out. Blue Moon is hired to provide security at a company run by one of Maddie's friends, which has been plagued by information leaks and sabotage.She decides to sell off the agency, to the dismay of David Addison, the wisecracking investigator who has been running it.David attempts to persuade her that the business has a future and should be kept open.The investigators discover that the person who actually hired them was an impostor and must find the real killer, leading to a chaotic chase scene in which everyone is wearing the same dress and veil.Maddie learns that her ex-accountant has bought a new life in Argentina with the money he stole from her.Maddie", it drew an audience of 60 million viewers.

When Maddie and David ended more than two years of sexual tension by sleeping together in that season's highly publicized penultimate episode, "I Am Curious…Maddie and David investigate the on-air shooting of a radio talk-show host.Although David thinks the case will be great publicity for the agency, Maddie is unsure whether to take it when she learns that the host was having an affair with a married woman.The pilot, originally presented on The ABC Sunday Night Movie, was split into two episodes for syndication.Maddie arrives for her first day of work at the renamed Blue Moon agency to find there are no cases on the books, so David poaches one from a rival agency.

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