Bitdefender still says expired after updating tips on writing an ad for online dating

Any charge against this new Shop Safe number for more than or after two months ( or whatever time limit I set) would no be honored I suggest that you check with your bank and see if they have such a feature. Rest assured that we will do everything in order to make things right. I have sent several email to Bitdefender for fraudulently giving me a wrong subscription and making me to click on the installer link for Bitdefender Install & Set Up - 1 intervention and charging me extra. They both said my .99 would be refunded to my credit card, but I will never trust that company again.

I will never ever take and antivirus subscription from Bitdefender. As soon as the refund comes in I am getting a new credit card number.

Bit Defender Free Antivirus Edition features no bulky desktop gadgets, no complex console or multi-tabbed Settings dialog.

You won’t even see any alerts and you get anti-phishing protection too, thus preventing you from getting trapped by malicious sites.

Why do they have to resort to these tactics if they are a reputable company? Be aware that when you purchase Bit Defender they sign you up for automatic renewal.

They have automatically taken out 80.00 from checking account even though I didn't want to renew.

Kees I think there should be a law where the companies are required to notify you a month in advance that they are about to charge you before any money is taken out of your checking account, debit and credit cards.

I have had no beef with the product, only with their very unethical and duplicitous business practices. I have had this problem in the past but it is no longer a problem.

My bank has a feature called Shop Safe which lets me shop online or even by phone using my credit care without worrying about this kind of problem.

You can also scan files and folders on demand by right-clicking them and choosing ‘Scan with Bitdefender’.

The program has the least impact on your overall system performance.

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