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“Loud chewers.” — Caroline, 23 “When they show up drunk.” — Amanda, 21 “Submarining.

It's no surprise that most singles — 73 percent of women and 66 percent of men — have somewhere between two and five pet peeves when it comes to dating, at least according to a survey from dating site Zoosk.

The fairer sex may be a bit easier to annoy (or maybe men are just more annoying), as 18 percent admitted to having more than five peeves.

Meanwhile, nearly a quarter of men have one or no pet peeves whatsoever. " this is actually a big deal; most women — a whopping 70 percent — have said no to a second date based on their pet peeves. So, when it comes to making a last, annoyance-free first impression, here are some suggestions based on Zoosk's survey of more than 1,500 singles:1. The fairer sex is more sensitive to odor, with 45 percent of ladies saying a smelly date is their biggest peeve.

If you are the latter and are asking why you’re spending the holiday alone, it might be because you are guilty of peeving your dates with one of the below actions.

We asked you, our readers, about your dating pet peeves.

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As much as we'd love a world where we don't have to shave our legs, men prefer we be smooth to the touch, as 36 percent of them rank "Too much body hair" as their top physical appearance annoyance.

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