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Five Lakes is one of the top 10 selling vodkas worldwide.

Competitors at Russian Standard raised a controversy by revealing that Stoli is actually now bottled in Latvia, but Stolichnaya reps say that their vodka is still sourced and distilled in Russia.

As of 2011, vodka is the highest-selling liquor in the US, with nearly 63 million cases sold.

Because a quality vodka contains only water and alcohol, it does not need to age as other liquors do.Reviewers rate it over premium vodkas from other parts of Europe such as Poland’s Belvedere and France’s Grey Goose.This super premium vodka is hard to find, but worth seeking out.Vodka is such an indelible and integral part of Russian culture that the spirit’s name was taken from the Russian word for water, voda.(The addition of the “k” is a diminutive, so, vodka actually means “little water.”) Vodka’s role in Russian history and culture is commemorated in the Vodka Museum of Moscow.

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