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In a time when the textile market is overburdened with products, we distinguished ourselves by having a great sense of quality.The main objective for our business is the international recognition of our products as being of the highest quality.We are aware, we understand and we know European seafarers market and surely able to bring together Employers and Employees for the same table trying to bring out the best not only for commercial interest but the overall benefit for the industry.

This study was carried out in Republic of Turkey The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been carried out in Raşit Efendi Manuscript Work Library.

Eurocrew is the initiative, which appeared in European maritime human resources sector in 2010.

Eurocrew Association has been registered in one of the biggest European ports – Gdynia.

Within the scope of the study, the works in this manuscript work library have been studied on the historical background dating back to centuries and on the manuscript work bookbindings of the national heritage of Turkish Bookbinding Art and Turkish Ornamentation Art.

Especially manuscript bookbinding of works adorned with the technique of "Writing Sun"; the materials used in making and decorating, the motif and composition characteristics used in the decoration, and the total of 10 manuscript works were documented with photographs.

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