Aylin bayramoglu and charlie lubeck dating

History: Ryder plays football, and has recently re-joined the glees club afer he quit because of the cat-fishing incident. Gender: Female Age: 16 (Junior) Date of Birth: July 21st Nationality: American, German-Egyptian Personality: Sugar can be quirky, fun-loving and bubbly, if you're on her good side, if not, you get the sting of her words that she likes to blame on her 'Asperger's'.His best friends are Kitty, Jake and Marley, though he gets along really well with Sam. It can be tough to get along with Sugar if she doesn't trust you, as you deal with her enormous ego that will always be there, but is slowly calming it's self-due to her making friends./ Friends: Rachel's 'friends' with most of the glee club, however some of them may deny this.However she always says that the glee club are like her family.

Close friends with Sam, Finn and sort of Sebastian- of whom she also is starting to like a lot more than she'd like to admit. Puck is a complete man s*** and has dated, kissed or slept with just about every girl at Mc Kinley.He is completely over his crush on Marley and currently dating Kitty Wilde. Likes: Dancing, singing (even though she's not great at it), shopping, buying gifts and being rich.Dislikes: Being wrong, being told she can't sing, cheap clothing, people who dress badly, people who dress badly and refuse her help.She doesn't get along well with people who are stereotypical about her or try to take her place.She's in love with Sam and they recently got back together with him but then hooked up with Puck at Jake's party and then eventually after kissing Puck again, Sam broke up with her.

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Appearance: (Naya Rivera.) Date of birth: January 16th. Puck does have his moments when he is caring and is actually being nice to people but this is only on very rare occasions.

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