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Location: 685 11th St NW and 437 Memorial Drive SEEither Six Feet Under location will give you plenty of craft beers to enjoy.

Those hunting for a place before seeing the Braves will want to head to the Memorial Drive spot for a little pre-partying right near Grant Park.

If you knew this guy you'd realize how comical that is.

The best way to feel comfortable in any situation is to have done it many times before!

It will probably make him wonder if you would do the very same thing with every other Tom, Dick and Harry.

Carnival games and general revelry is the aim of The Roof, and it hits the mark in a light, joyful way.

Location: 437 C Memorial Dr SEThere’s a little taste of all Atlanta’s various cultures at the Social House, depending on when you show up.

The booze is free-flowing with fried seafood to help sop it up should you get overserved.

Location: Buckhead, 3377 Peachtree Rd At 125 feet up, this is one of the higher rooftop bars on Atlanta’s scene.

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Though you’re only on the second floor, it’s far enough out to give a respectable look at the Atlanta skyline.

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