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On July 30, People shared a video interview with the 27-year-old in which he was asked about the struggles of dating as an elite athlete.

After I watched their amazing win in the freestyle relay, I couldn't help and be curious as to wether Nathan Adrian was single. Although he was previously in a relationship, Adrian is currently single, and it is still a sensitive subject for the swimmer.

A Linked In page that appears to belong to her reveals that she is a Senior Merchant for Gap, Inc., so this very well could be the full-time job that would prevent her from flying to Rio de Janeiro.

Adrian and Ivester's breakup does look to be very recent, so there is no telling how this will all develop.

Cosmopolitan asked Adrian if he was worried about Zika virus and being sexually active at the infamous Olympic Village, and he said,"No, because I have a girlfriend and she isn't going.Although he may be going through some personal breakups in his private life, it's pretty clear that Adrian is fully focused and, for now, only has his eyes and mind set on more Olympic gold this summer. It's not as if millions of Americans are vicious, armed homophobes or anything. It is a complete disgrace there is no out gay male. R13's favorite sport is shoving tree branches up his gaping, prolapsed hole (the bigger, the better) while alternately sucking on his momma's saggy tits, licking her clit and rimming her asshole.Ivester was a swimmer at Stanford University, but little is known about her publicly because her social media is mostly private.Her Facebook does show photos of herself and Adrian, dating back to a romantic vacation in Indonesia in 2014.

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