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Here, you can pick up party invitations, do some coloring, and even leave Mickey a birthday message in the Celebration Guest Book!

This task proved to be far more challenging than expected, with more than a year spent in creating multiple sample dolls followed by pointed correspondence from Roy Disney who, with Walt, was adamant in expressing concern over any deviation from the integrity of the doll they required.Driven by their priority to meet the demand for Mickey and Minnie dolls that sustained the character design they required, while adhering to the stipulations of their licensing agreement, Walt and Roy decided to take a different production path entirely.In partnership with the Mc Call Company of New York City, they chose to provide the opportunity for the public to construct their own dolls, utilizing the same design and method as those of Clark and her Doll House team. 91, for producing a pair of Mickey and Minnie Mouse dolls, was issued at a cost of 35 cents, in one of three different sizes of dolls: small (8½ inches), medium (13½ inches), and large (18 inches).(Photo: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images).“They were both in bad marriages when I started doing the voice [of Goofy] back in 1987,” actor Bill Farmer told the newspaper.“But over a couple of years, they just kind of became Mickey and Minnie.

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Early in 1931, Clark was also producing a Minnie Mouse doll, which Borgfeldt was asked to include in his efforts to manufacture a line of Mickey dolls.

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