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Many of our clients actually prefer glass bottles, so we offer bulk buys for glass-bottled water in a variety of sizes suitable for offices, restaurants, your conference room, or just your dining table at home.

So, whether you want a case of water for your store cupboard or just some bottles of fizzy water for the office kitchen, call us first on 020 8445 0680.

Unlike the supermarkets, we have no maximum quantity for delivery.

The supermarkets will deliver a maximum of two cases per delivery.

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We also stock mineral waters from further afield such as Fiji water, drawn from a well deep below a Fiji rainforest, and Voss natural mineral water, from Norway.

British Spring Water At Nexpress, we proudly fly the flag for British mineral waters too, offering quick and easy delivery direct to your home or business of Hildon, Aqua Pura and Buxton natural mineral water from England, Brecon Carreg from Wales, and Highland Spring sparkling mineral water from Scotland.

No more carrying heavy mineral water from the shop to your home; our home water delivery service can bring bottled water in bulk to your home, office, business, event or London residence.Meet local swingers in our Adult Club Adult Dating experience, revive your sexual life Sticks and stones break your bones, but whips and chains excite you?From being one of the hottest adult dating sites around you will enter a world of eroticism with couples seeking some alternative sex methods whether it is mix and match, sadomasochism, or light bondage - whatever We offer tips about bisexual kinky relationships and experimenting with fetishes or BDSM.At Nexpress, we stock all the leading brand of bottled waters, plus some 'hard to find' brands too.We offer an efficient and effective delivery service in London for popular water brands from France such as Evian, Perrier, Vittel and Badoit, plus bottled Italian natural spring waters such as San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.

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