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Parents: Anna Torv's father name is not available & mother's name unknown.

Siblings: There is no information about his siblings.

In 2017, she began starring as Wendy in the series Mindhunter. Anna was born on June 7, 1978 in Melbourne, Australia. Anna Torv's primary income source is being a successful TV Actress. She had a guest role in an episode of the British series Mistresses, starring Sarah Parish. COM, Anna Torv is ranked in the list of most popular and Richest celebrities.

Also, have position in the list of those people who was born on June 7.

I wonder if people had seen that show first, or not seen Fringe or Mistresses at all, would they still be questioning her sexual orientation? Doubt it was "arranged" actors have relationships with their co-stars all the time. In either case, I'll be first in line, : DWell I personally had the same question knocking at my door as she often looks like she seems to have more on-screen chemistry with some of the women rather than the dudes.. She should be pocketing awards every year, along with John Noble. I have studied theatre since high school and one of my favorite things is to notice the subtleties of an actor's performance.In 2003, Valley played Detective Eddie Arlette, an American police officer in London, on the short-lived Keen Eddie.He played Brad Chase on Boston Legal, a spinoff of the television series The Practice.He now has his own show on Fox, and they're trying to make him a big star. I mean, honestly, OP, if you're not going to put the work in, why bother starting the thread? And that's probably like a 70/30% chance of them being Lezbo's!I don't understand why people just assume she is based on the characters she plays. I low balled that number BTWHey "Learn something new everyday" u need to learn WTF an anagram actually is!! Look up "anagram" and u really should have spell check on when u look up "ANAGRAM"I kno ur going to!! Hahahahahaha Anyone who thinks she is a weak actress has not paid any attention to Fringe.

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