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Sinese himself produced a majority of these episodes, and does a fine job of it.

This is a rare instance where an entire season just clicks without a hitch.

Along with the aforementioned Joey Lawrence, both Nelly Furtado and John Mc Enroe also appear in separate episodes.

The man is just not a good actor, but at least he’s keeping it to the small screen again instead of trying to torture everyone in theatres across the world.And in the big bad guy story arc department, there is Edward Furlong playing the part of Shane Casey, a bit of a wacko who goes on a killing spree to avenge his brother’s incarceration.Casey puts clues to his murders in cleverly designed t-shirts that the CSI crew decode one after another in an attempt to discover who the killer is.At any rate, Carmine Giovinazzo as “Danny Messer” and Anna Belknap as “Lindsay Monroe” are worth singling out as well.Their on-screen chemistry is palpable, and in general the characters are instantly likeable with both actors bringing great depth to their roles.

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