Amiga error validating disk

If it is the drive at fault, you will need to open up your Amiga.

Get some isospropyl alcohol and cotton buds and give the drive heads a gentle clean.

System seems to be in decent shape otherwise, be a shame to let it get ruined by a leaking battery.__________________ Amiga 500: 2MB Chip|16MB Fast|30MHz 68030 68882|3.9|Indivision ECS|GVP A500HD |Mechware card reader 8GB CF|Cocolino|SCSI DVD-RAM Amiga 2000: 2MB Chip|136MB Fast|50MHz 68060|3.9|Indivision ECS GVP Spectrum|Mechware card reader 8GB CF|AD516|X-Surf 100|Rapid Road|Cocolino|SCSI CD-RW Amiga 2000 #2: currently a huge pile of parts right now, with no time to put together It looks like the only boards plugged into the system are the Bridgeboard (this seems to be the one you have, not a 386) and 2 ISA cards to support the Bridgeboard.

First thing's first though, take out that drive sled and remove the barrel battery before you do anything else.

If the drive is making unusual grinding noises you should probably stop using it until you’ve identified the problem.You’ll probably be surprised at how much dust and filth has collected inside the drive assembly - its always a good idea to give it a good clean anyway when you get a s/h machine.Feel free to post pictures if you need more help diagnosing the problem.Good evening, I've opened it up and given it a clean.I've cleaned both of the heads in the red circle area and everything seems to be moving fine (in the blue area) I'm no expert but it seems fine to me.

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