American girl dating english boy

I just know that Americans have a bad reputation sometimes and in some places so I wanted to see if guys would consider being an American a "pro" or a "con." I sure hope it's a pro!

The reputation is mainly about whether Americans are a bit dim or not. Obama, regardless of whatever policy he's pursued, he's made the US an icon of intelligent activity again.

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It's mainly against your political system/government, religious zealots and stuff like that.If you hold an opinion I strongly disagree with that you can't justify or I can't see why you might hold that opinion then I'm unlikely to like you but that's fine because we do that to everyone.There are obviously some negative stereotypes about Americans but we don't really let that affect our opinions of the people we meet.I'm sure you can understand there are certain aspects of your society that we hear about disagree with or find offensive.TL; DR If I met a nice American girl, it wouldn't matter where she was from. Of course, when it comes down to it having an attraction and liking the person's personality will probably trump everything.

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