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In mid 2014, a an international coalition led by the United States intervened against ISIL in Syria and Iraq with a massive airstrike campaign, on top of supplying advisors, weapons, training, and supplies to ISIL's enemies in the Iraqi Security Forces and Syrian Democratic Forces.This campaign reinvigorated the latter two forces and dealt a huge blow to the nascent Islamist proto-state, killing tens of thousands of ISIL troops This was soon followed by a smaller-scale Russian intervention exclusively in Syria, in which ISIL lost thousands more fighters to airstrikes and other Russian military activities and had its financial base even further degraded.I pray Allah guides to that which is best for you in this life and in the hereafter.And guides you to choose what is better for you regarding this proposal.’ Storm said Aminah burst into tears when after watching the video.

When he asked the combination for the lock, he was told simply: ‘Try 007.’ But the plan to plant a tracking device on Aminah collapsed when she was contacted by al-Qaeda operatives, who told the woman to ditch her suitcase before meeting Awlaki. But their bond was cut short when Awlaki was killed in a U. Storm, who has come forward to Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, has said that he was a former Islamic supremacist before the Danish intelligence service PET convinced him to change sides and work for them and eventually the American CIA.He also played a role in the 2009 Fort Hood massacre and the failed plot by Faisal Shahzad to detonate an SUV filled with explosives on May 1, 2010.Participant in Iraq War (2003–2011), Iraqi insurgency, Syrian Civil War, Iraqi Civil War, Second Libyan Civil War, Boko Haram insurgency, War in North-West Pakistan, War in Afghanistan, Yemeni Civil War, and other conflicts The group has been designated a terrorist organisation by the United Nations as well as many international organizations and individual countries.To do this, Storm turned to Facebook, and found ‘Aminah’ – who said she was a fan of Awlaki. But while successful in its early stages, the rest of the CIA’s plot was thwarted.He then orchestrated an exchange of previously unseen video messages between the two, and – despite an assassination order on Awlaki from the U. Scroll down for video The CIA plan, Morton says, was to plant a tracking device on Aminah’s luggage when she came to Yemen to meet her new husband – which would lead the agency directly to Awlaki’s hideout.

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I’m not afraid of death or to die in the sake of Allah.’ Croatian Aminah, who used to work with disabled children in Zagreb, also adds: ‘I feel nervous. I just taped this so you can see how I look.’ In his reply, Awlaki – who had specifically requested a white Muslim convert to be his ‘companion in hiding’ – said: ‘If you can live in difficult conditions, do not mind loneliness and can live with restrictions on your communication with others, then that is great.’ He also mentions an associate, purported to be Storm, saying: ‘The brother who is carrying this video is a trustworthy brother.’ The pair exchanged encrypted video messages, with Awlaki saying in one: ‘I currently do not live in a tent, but in a house [that] belongs to a friend.

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