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Photo: Wiesia Klemens Those who arrive on the 26 December take part fully in the programme of the meeting from 28 December onwards. The European Meetings are for young adults between the ages of 17 and 35.

Young people aged under 18 must bring parental authorisation.

This online session provides an overview of Girl Scouting, including our Promise and Law, Girl Scout Mission, history, introduction to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting and Journey programs. The purpose of this course is to recognize and respond to emergencies including shock, cardiac and breathing emergencies for adults, children and infants, heat and cold emergencies, sudden illnesses and poisonings.

Additionally, participants will learn first aid for issues from cuts and scrapes to muscle, bone and joint injuries.

16 year olds may also participate in the meeting, but they can only arrive on 28 December and must be accompanied by a leader between 18 and 35 years of age (one male leader for each two boys and one female leader for each two girls).

Your contribution covers meals, local transport, the hire of the meeting places, equipment, and other costs of the church halls, schools, etc.) Everyone must bring a camping mat and a sleeping bag.Young adults with disabilities should register by 1 November so that appropriate accommodation can be found.The level of contribution varies according to the cost of living in different countries.The requested contributions are: UK and Ireland: €75 (young adults), €115 (adults over 35)Other English-speaking countries: please contact us.

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Plan to arrive on the morning of 28 December between 8 am and 12 noon, or before 3 pm on 26 December. Departure on 1 January: groups leaving by coach should fix their departure time for 4pm or later.

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