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Normal users may experience this error message when trying to log into the messenger or while switching between different accounts.

This is no more than a mere bug in your android device.

To create the macro, we perform the following steps: The Author Ramesh Gupta originally from New Delhi, India is now working as a freelance developer and lives in Boston, MA.

He has designed and worked on numerous databases for previous companies and has experiences in many Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server and VB.

In this example, we will build a macro that will not allow a record to be saved unless it contains data in the Customer Name field on our database form.

If we don't enter data into the field, when we attempt to make the save, we will return the insertion point back to the field.

The error message is mostly related to the security process which Facebook implements when you access its platform.

Your smartphone keeps track of all the access tokens related to Messenger.

If any of them becomes invalid or is not updated automatically, you may receive the error message.

Access tokens are items used by applications which are used to make API requests on behalf of the user.

Mainly, the access token represents the authorization of a specific application so it can either authorize the login or access some information of the user.

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If you are using the Facebook API and access tokens for the simplest of reasons (for example using Facebook for validating the signup process in your application), make sure that it is not expired.

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