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In fact, STIs have doubled in 50-90-year-olds in the past 10 years.

Joey is like almost half of all our respondents (46 per cent) who told us that sex is important to their lives.

They see each other most days, but Carole says: “It’s more exciting seeing each other when you don’t see each other all the time.” David was keen to avoid the compromising involved by sharing each other’s space.

“You don’t want to be in a close, tight relationship again with all that involves, with all the sort of mundane things.” Throughout our research we have repeatedly heard how this second chance at love and sex was entirely unexpected.

Age will affect his testosterone levels, which has side effects that will impact his sex drive, such as fatigue and depression.

Many men notice no decrease in their sex drive, however, as every man has wildly different experiences with this, but if you start to notice a change, testosterone may have something to do with it.

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